Xanthigen Advanced Calorie Burner 400 - 90 caps

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Xanthigen Advanced Calorie Burner 400 - 90 caps

XLS Xanthigen 90 caps calorie burner, dual action energy,  food supplement that will help you stylize your figure.


About Xanthigen Advanced Calorie Burner 400:

Almost all diets become heavy and hard, especially when you see that the expected result is not as visible as expected. So sometimes it may be appropriate to use complementary dietetic products for non discouraged and see results faster.

Xanthigen XLS has a dual action that helps metabolize fat. All this thanks to its rich brown algae that increase energy expenditure of the body at rest, thereby reducing lipid accumulation, and oil seed Granada, which reduces adipose tissue and helps eliminate it.

This product also has anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

An aid to help you look better!


How to use:

Treatment of at least 2 months to achieve optimal results. It is important to Xanthigen every day (3 soft capsules / day) with water. You can not take very long way and is recommended for cases of hyperthyroidism or pregnant or lactating.