Repavar Rosa Mosqueta Advance Aceite 15ml

Repavar Rosa Mosqueta Advance Aceite 15ml


Repavar Rosa Mosqueta Advance Aceite 15ml, with healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Repavar Rosa Mosqueta Advance Aceite 15ml product description:

Are you looking for a treatment that will help you repair cracked or imperfect skin? With Rosa Mosqueta Advance you can get skin free of imperfections.

Benefits can be checked shortly after treatment!

Repavar repair line is indicated for the regeneration of wounds and repair of all types of skins, its content in fatty acids and active antioxidants favors the treatment of burns, wrinkles, flakes and blemishes. The new Advance Musk Rose incorporates two growth factors that boost regeneration and provide a double healing power.

  • Recovery of postsurgical scars, residual scars, ulcers and burns.
  • Regenerating treatment of the skin after treatments dermocosmetics, pospeeling, laser both facial and corporal.
  • For the care of skins with erosions and flakes.
  • Complement for the treatment of pregnancy stretch marks.

Advance Repavar rosehip oil is an oil with healing and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against skin imperfections (wrinkles, spots, stretch marks, cellulitis, ulcers, burns ...).

With Repavar you can attenuate all these imperfections, at the same time as you moisturize and give back the elasticity to the skin.

Contains a high regenerating power thanks to its active ingredients that improve healing and restore the skin from the inside. It is effective, also, to relieve the skin subjected to cosmetic treatments like peeling, laser or injectables.

100% natural oil of Rosehip (R. Rubiginosa). Suitable for all types of skins, even sensitive skins as it minimizes the risks of allergy.

With double healing power!

How to use

Apply a few drops on the affected area perfectly clean and dry.