Eucerin pH5 Anti Stretch Marks Oil 125 ml

Eucerin pH5 Anti Stretch Marks Oil 125 ml

Eucerin pH5 Anti Stretch Marks Oil 125 ml, strengthens the skin barrier function and attenuates sensitive skin stretchmarks.


Eucerin pH5 Anti Stretch Marks Oil 125 ml, about product:

Although the origin of striae was not yet proven, they often appear due to the gain or loss of body volume in a short time during pregnancy or due to treatment with corticosteroids. Stretch marks appear when the skin is a lot of herself, or the normal production of collagen is disrupted.

Eucerin Oil suple Natural was developed specifically for sensitive skin needs even during pregnancy. Contains Vitamin E and pure oils of high quality vegetables are rich in linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin. The oil is easy to spread and quick absorption. Applying with regular massage will stimulate blood circulation, increasing the elasticity of the skin and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


How to use:

Apply the oil 2 times a day in the affected areas. Apply with a gentle massage with circular movements until the oil is completely absorbed.