Eucerin after sun lotion 150 ml refresh your skin

Eucerin after sun lotion 150 ml refresh your skin

Eucerin after sun lotion 150 ml, it helps to refresh and restore the welfare of your skin after sun exposure.


Eucerin after sun lotion 150 ml product description:

The skin is sun exposure, I can directly damage skin cells and causing problems related to their duties. The cells that protect the skin may gradually be reducing its functions, creating an imbalance on the skin that can cause both short-term damage such as burns or irritations, such as problems in the medium and long term related to photoaging.

Eucerin lotion 150ml after sun provides special care on the skin, helping to relieve irritation and stimulate its natural regeneration of sun damage. Ready to care for the skin after sun exposure, it is suitable for all skin types.

The formula of Eucerin lotion after sun includes: - Hamamelis 10%, an asset that relieves redness and feeling of tightness caused by the sun. - Vitamin E, an active ingredient, thanks to its antioxidant properties, strengthens the skin's own mechanism to protect photoaging. Watch your sun-damaged skin.


How to use:

Apply Eucerin lotion after sun damaged skin, spreading gentle circular massage to facilitate absorption.